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St Croix Falls Public Library Bylaws, Mission & Policies 

To register for a MORE card, applicants must have a valid form of identification; driver’s license, student ID, any official ID or recent non-personal piece of mail is acceptable. Non-Wisconsin residents and Summer residents are welcome and encouraged to use the library! There is an annual non-resident fee of $35.00 which is equivalent to what Wisconsin residents contribute through their property taxes.

Lost or Forgotten Cards
Notify the library as soon as possible when a card is lost or stolen. Patrons are expected to have their library cards when checking out materials. 

Reserving Material
Patrons may reserve material by phone, the MORE online catalog or in person at the library. Patrons will be notified by telephone, text or email when materials are available. Items will be held for seven days. 

Charges for lost or damaged materials
Patrons are expected to pay fees prior to checking out any new material. Exceptions may be made in individual cases. Continual lack of payment will result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Laptops are available for use in the library

Photos and Publicity
The St. Croix Falls Public Library staff may take photographs or videos of participants, individually or in groups, attending or taking part in Library programs and activities. These photographs or videos may appear in future St. Croix Falls Library publications or other Library publicity. Attendees and/or participants consent to having their photograph taken or such videos shown and used for such purposes. If a Library patron does not wish himself/herself or his/her child to be photographed or video taped, please notify the Library staff to that effect.

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