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Iditaread 2017

Family & Team Literacy!
St. Croix Falls Public & School Libraries
Join the race to Nome & celebrate teams
that read together!
The Iditarod is a 1,049 mile sled dog race through the cold Alaskan tundra. This year, let's
participate in the race! Your family or team will read, read, read. The sled dog teams will
mush, mush, mush! WHo will get to 1,049 first? The musher you choose (in miles), or your
reading team (in minutes spent reading)?

What: A Chance to learn about the Iditarod & for your
family or team to enjoy reading together & on your own.
When: From March 5th-April 5th
How: Choose a musher from the provided list, check up on his or her progress using a website below. Keep
track of how many minutes anyone in your family or on your team reads. For each 10 minutes read by
anyone, fill in one circle on your team reading log.
What else: We'll celebrate with a visit from a real sled-dog team and their musher on March 6th at school!
We'll wrap up the race with a big party!
More prizes: $20 book bucks for any St. Croix Falls Elementary Student who participates!
For more information about the Iditarod, check out these websites: &

Lead your team through the 2017 Iditarod Sled Dog Race! WHo can get to
1,049 first? The musher you choose (in miles), or your team (in minutes)?
The race starts March 5th. Color in one circle for every 10 minutes spent
reading by someone on your team. Reach 1,049 minutes before your
musher finishes the race (or before April 5th) and win!

List/Profiles of Mushers

Team Log